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Unlocking Bangkok's Historical Tapestry: Canals, Orchards, Temples, and Culture

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

A picturesque stilt house by the canal in Bangkok
Canal house by Bangkok Yai

Bangkok, renowned as the "City of Angels" (Krung Thep in Thai), boasts a tapestry richly woven with threads of history, culture, and faith. In this historical journey, canals, orchards, temples, and a vibrant community play pivotal roles.

Garden: The Green Legacy of Bangkok

Nestled in Bangkok's Thonburi side, Poomjai Garden pays homage to this historical legacy. This area was once adorned with orchards, contributing to Bangkok's former moniker, the "Venice of the East." Orchards were not merely a source of sustenance but also added to the city's natural allure.

Canals: A Historical Lifeline:

Bangkok's canals, or 'khlongs,' formed an essential part of the city's heritage. Beyond transportation, they were vital for trade, culture, and daily life. Canals symbolized more than waterways; they were conduits of unity, connecting the community through trade, transportation, and shared experiences.

Temples: The Heart of Community Life:

Temples, often located beside these canals, held immense significance. They were not just places of worship but also the epicenter of community gatherings. For Thais, temples represent more than religious sanctuaries. They are the backdrop of life stages — birth, illness, education, and even death. Families united at temples, making them the nucleus of community bonding.

Imagine a life journey where every stage is interwoven with visits to the temple — a testament to the unifying force these sacred places embody. It's a testimony to unity, community, and the very essence of being Thai.

In today's bustling urban landscape, Poomjai Garden strives to reignite appreciation for this intricate historical fabric. Our garden invites you to reacquaint with the essence of Bangkok, to understand the profound unity temples once symbolized, and to explore the hidden chapters of the "City of Angels."

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