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Poomjai Garden: A Legacy of Pride and Heritage in the Green Lung of Bangkok

In the heart of Bangkok's historic Thonburi district, an ancient treasure thrives - Poomjai Garden. The name 'Poomjai,' translating to 'proud' in Thai, perfectly encapsulates our deep-rooted heritage and aspirations.

mama is picking bilimbi from the tree
Our resolute visionary: Aey Tiensup, the driving force behind our transformation.

Poomjai Garden, a century-old lychee orchard, has been a part of my family for generations. As the 5th generation custodian, I take immense pride in nurturing this cherished legacy. During my great-grandparents' era, this area flourished. Bangkok was primarily an agricultural city, abundant in natural resources. Permaculture was the guiding principle, enabling families to sustain themselves harmoniously with nature.

However, the passage of time brought forth challenges. Industrialization and rampant urbanization cast a shadow over our once-thriving community. Gardens struggled, residents left, and urban issues emerged. Poverty, waste, crime, and drugs became prevalent.

A traditional barge vessel of Bangkok canal
Antique Barge Vessel

During these challenging times, my mother embarked on an ambitious mission, driven by her unwavering love for our community. Over two decades ago, she invested her heart, soul, and substantial resources to breathe new life into both the garden and the Bangkhuntien neighborhood.

Poomjai Garden emerged from this passionate endeavor, a testament not only to our roots but also to our steadfast commitment to preserving this green heritage within the bustling city. My mother, Aey Tiensup, took matters into her own hands. She spent years cleaning up the garbage landfill and personally saved a portion of her earnings to demolish abandoned and decaying wooden structures that once plagued our neighborhood.

Years of dedicated effort, more than half the garbage cleared, but the legacy of neglect takes time to undo.
The legacy of neglect

Our mission transcends garden revival; we are dedicated to uplifting the community. Nestled in Thonburi, Poomjai Garden stands as an urban oasis in Bangkok, striving to preserve its history. We take pride in nurturing this legacy, preserving Poomjai Garden as a sanctuary of greenery and culture in the heart of the bustling city - the true A Legacy of Pride and Heritage of Bangkok.

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