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Inspiring Visit by Phasi Charoen District: A Step Towards Sustainable Community Tourism

We are excited to share the highlights of a recent study visit by the Phasi Charoen District Office. This visit marks a significant step towards promoting community-based tourism and eco-cultural sustainability in Bangkok.

hosting the Phasi Charoen District Office for a comprehensive study visit
Study visit at Poomjai Garden

On May 27th, we had the pleasure of hosting the Phasi Charoen District Office for a comprehensive study visit. Key representatives from the district joined us to explore our garden and discuss sustainable tourism practices.

A group from the Phasi Charoen District Office enjoys a guided garden tour at Poomjai Garden, learning about eco-cultural practices and sustainable tourism in Bangkok's green sanctuary.
Garden Tour with Phasi Charoen District Office

Activities During the Visit: The discussions centered on how community-based tourism has played a crucial role in protecting our 100-year-old lychee garden and uplifting the community both culturally and economically.

Following the discussion, we conducted a garden tour, where our guests were captivated by the local Thai wisdom evident in our gardening practices, which reflect a unique cultural landscape. The guests were impressed by the integration of traditional techniques with sustainable practices, showcasing the rich heritage of our community.

Key Learnings and Insights: Throughout the visit, valuable insights were shared on sustainable practices and the preservation of Bangkok’s heritage. The discussions highlighted the importance of engaging the community in tourism initiatives and protecting our natural environment. It was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on promoting eco-cultural sustainability.

Impact and Future Collaboration: We are thrilled about the potential to expand this model to other communities in Bangkok. This visit has inspired us to continue our efforts in sustainable tourism and community engagement. We look forward to collaborating with the Phasi Charoen District Office and other stakeholders to make this vision a reality and spread the benefits of community-based tourism across Bangkok.

Khun Aey, the founder of Poomjai Garden giving a tour to the Phasi Charoen District Office, sharing insights on eco-cultural practices and sustainable tourism in Bangkok.
Sharing insights on eco-cultural practices

We are grateful to the Phasi Charoen District Office for their visit and recognition of our efforts. At Poomjai Garden, we remain dedicated to preserving Bangkok’s rich heritage and green spaces. We invite you to join us in supporting eco-cultural tourism and making a positive impact on our community.

Interested in learning more about sustainable tourism? Visit Poomjai Garden and experience the harmony of nature and culture. Contact us for more information and to schedule your visit today!

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