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Unveiling the History of Poomjai Garden:

Step into the enchanting world of Poomjai Garden, where a rich history intertwines with the beauty of nature. Nestled in an old neighborhood of Bangkok, once renowned for its bountiful lychee orchards, this destination holds a remarkable tale.

A century old family-owned lychee Orchard, cherishing the land and its fruitful abundance. However, as urbanization encroached upon the area, preserving the orchard became increasingly challenging.


Driven by an unwavering love and pride for her local community,

Miss Porntip, the visionary founder of Poomjai Garden, embarked on a transformative project. With deep reverence for the land and a desire to revive its legacy, she dedicated herself to breathing new life into the abandoned orchard.

With each carefully planted seed and every meticulously crafted corner, Poomjai Garden emerged as a testament to Miss Porntip's passion and the enduring spirit of the Bangkhuntien-canal neighborhood. This remarkable endeavor celebrates the heritage of the land, rekindling the joy and vibrancy that once thrived amidst the lychee trees.

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