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Welcome to Poomjai Garden

Discover Bangkok’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Thonburi--Bangkhuntien Canal, once known as the Venice of the East, Poomjai Garden awaits your discovery. Situated along the picturesque Bangkhuntien canal, our lush oasis is a testament to the rich history and traditional wisdom of the area.

From curated workshops to locally-inspired cuisine at Natura Cafe, Poomjai Garden offers an authentic experience that celebrates the charm and cultural heritage of Thonburi.


Uncover the beauty of our neighborhood and create lasting memories at Poomjai Garden.

The Eco-Cultural Green Heritage Garden of Bangkok


Experience the Living Museum of Bangkok's Past at Poomjai Garden: Lush Green Oasis, Locally-Inspired Cuisine, and Canal Tours.

Thai Garden

Garden Tours

Embark on a guided tour through the lush green oasis of Poomjai Garden and our vicinity. Discover the garden's rich history and cultural significance while exploring its beautiful landscapes and hidden corners. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Authentic Thai food

Local Cuisine

Uncover the essence of local flavors at Natura Cafe. Our recipes are crafted in-house, using fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from our garden and local farmers. Immerse yourself in authentic tastes amidst our serene garden setting.

Bamboo Pavillion

Special Event Venue

A distinguished MICE venue in Thailand. Thailand Mice Venue for Special Event (TMVS Certified) for excellence, we blend culture, community, and sustainability seamlessly into our space. Immerse in the authentic Thai experience while contributing to our green initiatives.


Thai desserts workshop

At Poomjai Garden, we specialize in Thai desserts and offer private group workshops in our traditional cooking studio.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, our workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, all while enjoying the unique flavors of Thailand.


Giant Buddha Boat Tour

Embarking on a serene cruise from Poomjai Garden, we uncovered the enchanting history of Wat Paknam Phasicharoen and its neighboring canal—a timeless voyage through centuries past in Thonburi's picturesque canals.


Let the soothing canals transport you to old-world Bangkok as you step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich tales of these historic temples.


Coconut Orchard Boat Tour

Step into the world of coconuts and get a hands-on experience of harvesting and making burnt coconut. Embark the journey from Poomjai Garden to the coconut orchard via a local boat, Our Coconut Orchard Experience is hosted by a local gardener who owns the only coconut orchard in the neighborhood. Learn about the process of coconut harvesting and enjoy the scenic boat tour through the orchard. Join us for a unique and educational adventure!

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