The Local Greenery of Bangkok


Poomjai Garden

Nestled in a serene part of Bangkok, Poomjai Garden  is a sanctuary of the century-old lychee garden, perfect for a getaway from a bustling city, experiencing the essence of being the local.

Local - Sustainability- Inclusivity

Inspired by the past Bangkok locals' life, Poomjai Garden is dedicated to showcasing lush green 2.7 acre garden as a living museum. Our garden has an extensive horticulture history, filled with the essence of the locals and shaped a diverse ecosystem with a unique landscape that cannot be found in Bangkok anymore.

The Concept

The garden concept was instituted by the devotion to preserve the local Thai wisdom, culture and history. Throughout the inclusivity business model, we encourage the local stakeholders to participate in our value chain. Coconut growers, for example, produce and sell coconuts to local dessert makers, later delivered by local boat drivers and sell in our garden.