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Poomjai Garden

Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Thonburi, once known as the Venice of the East, Poomjai Garden awaits your discovery. Situated along the picturesque Bangkhuntien canal, our lush oasis is a testament to the rich history and traditional wisdom of the area.


From curated workshops to locally-inspired cuisine at Natura Cafe, Poomjai Garden offers an authentic experience that celebrates the charm and cultural heritage of Thonburi.


Uncover the beauty of our neighborhood and create lasting memories at Poomjai Garden.


Green Heritage of Bangkok

Experience the Living Museum of Bangkok's Past at Poomjai Garden: Lush Green Oasis, Locally-Inspired Cuisine, and Canal Tours

At our lush green sanctuary inspired by the past life of Bangkok locals. Spanning across 2.7 acres, our garden showcases an extensive horticulture history and preserves the essence of the locals, creating a diverse ecosystem and a unique landscape no longer found in Bangkok. Indulge in the flavors of the region at Natura Cafe, where locally-sourced ingredients shine. Unleash your creativity with Traditional Thai desserts making workshops. Explore the hidden gems of Bangkhuntien canal and Chao Phraya river on a community-run canal tour. Experience the authentic beauty of Poomjai Garden.

Preserving Thai Wisdom and Sustainable Culture: A Garden Concept of Poomjai Garden

Poomjai Garden: Preserving Local Thai Wisdom, Culture, and History through an Inclusive Business Model. Embracing the essence of our eco-cultural garden, we actively engage local stakeholders in our value chain. From coconut growers supplying fresh coconuts to talented dessert makers, and local boat drivers delivering the delights, our sustainable ecosystem thrives. Experience the authentic flavors and rich heritage at Poomjai Garden, where local traditions shape every delightful moment.

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