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Opening our doors as the living room for ‘Poomjai Garden’ guests back in 2019, Natura Cafe has continued to showcase a menu of dishes influenced by local ingredients and culinary traditions. Inspired by our local tastes-- from the local gathering events (i.e. temple ceremonies) , our story shares the value of the culture and the  journey of our food takes from our garden.


Open daily (10AM-6PM)
No booking required.



We can offer everything you need for your special events, conference, meeting or party from start to finish. We are here to help every step of the way. Whether you need general information about the venue or you’d like one-on-one guidance, we’d love to help! 


The workshop activities started with just a group of friends and family coming together to cook and craft. 
Engulfed by the concept of ‘Eat what you grow, and grow what you eat’, we had crafted local cuisine workshop that was meant to draw people’ attention to the traditional culinary and the importance of the concept of permaculture from our backyard garden.

Come and join us! — we’d love to share all that Poomjai Garden workshop has to offer.

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