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Our Community

'Poomjai Garden' is led by a local family who had lived in ‘Bangkhuntien area’ (currently Jomthong district), for more than 150 years-- since the early of Rattanakosin-era, we had a vision and a strong will of transforming our pride of being the local of this community and working with the locals to revive the root of our district traditions through community activities and participation, as well as, focusing on community emporwerment.


Located on the west side of the Chaophraya river, Bangkhuntien is an old district, believed to have been established in 1867 as part of the old capital ‘Thonburi’, consisted of the exquisite and highly-revered temples that are ancient temples constructed before the establishment of Rattanakosin Kingdom; namely, ‘Wat Paknam Phasicharoen’, ‘Wat Nang Nong’, and ‘Wat Ratchaworawihan’, a royal temple of Chakri dynasty's King Rama III. Not only temples, but Bangkhuntien canal area are also well-known for its houses on stilts, and unexpected green oasis.

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“Eco-cultural Distrct"

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The challenge

The Adversary of Urbanization

In the past, particularly, alongside of the Bangkhuntien canal—70 to 80%—were full of evergreen gardens, especially, litchee gardens which occupied much of the district's land. Unfortunately, the Bangkhuntien orchards was jeopardized by the rapid urbanization for over the decades-- many gardens had turned into commercial estates and concrete jungles-- and since these farmlands rely heavily on natural resources, the pollution had negatively impacted  the cultivation and farmer incomes ultimately.

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“First-class royal monastery"

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