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To be a leading sustainable-green destination that fosters cultural preservation and empowers the community, offering a vibrant space for connection with nature and Bangkok's rich heritage.


To become the sustainable-green-destination that serves as a sanctuary of the cultural heritage of Bangkok and continue to empower the community through inclusivity approach.

Vision & Mission

Sustainability Policy

Inspired by the local history and its cultural heritage Poomjai Garden began in 2016 when we decided to organize and incorporate our business under the framework under the sustainable economy, society and environment.



  1. Continuously seek ways to develop and improve operational efficiency in all activities. It defines goals, methods of measurement, monitoring and assessment of the sustainability of the activities.

  2. Uplift the economy of the community and the locals and add value to those products and services to promote a long-term growth of the organization as well as the local economy

  3. Support and encourage the local stakeholders throughout the value chain of the business.


  1. Educate and create the awareness of the pride of the homeland and its local history to our employees and the locals.

  2. Responding to needs and create satisfaction of customers and stakeholders both qualitatively and quantitatively of service.

  3. Strengthen and promote the inclusivity development that involves the local stakeholders with fairness and respect for differences as well as supporting the development of quality of life and the strength of the community


  1. Carry out environmental quality and biodiversity management in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. As well as, improving the environmental resources management system and seek new measures and methods to enhance the efficiency of environmental management and quality control.

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